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Anastasia Kiyonaga

Assistant Professor

Department of Cognitive Science

I use the methods of cognitive neuroscience to address questions about the interactions between perception, attention, memory, and action. I completed my Ph.D. with Tobias Egner at Duke, and postdoctoral research with Mark D’Esposito at UC Berkeley. In the years before grad school, I worked in homeless counseling and mental health services. I then went on to get a degree in Human Development from the University of Pennsylvania, studying attentional training regimes in a range of populations. This variety of experiences gave rise to the perspective that guides my research approach—that we cannot understand complex cognition without examining how basic goal maintenance processes co-occur with other demands that we face in daily life. My research therefore bridges across sub-disciplines of cognitive neuroscience and psychology, using a multi-modal approach to examine the cognitive processes that help us achieve our moment-to-moment goals.


office phone: (858) 822-2820

my CV: 


twitter: @kiyonoggin

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